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June 2013

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Today was hideously unproductive, but fun!

Since Derek and I both had the day off, we decided to visit the Chinatown malls. No real reason, I've just never been to Chinatown. We bought some cool-looking movies and I was introduced to the marvels of the gashapon machine. I got three cute little plush Pokemon keychains! (Lapras, Spinda, and Pachirisu. Spinda are fairly useless Pokemon, but they're SOOOOOOOOO cute.)

We also visited an anime store at the very edge of Chinatown. Found some wondrous things. Like the knockoff Sailor Moon cats in all colors of the rainbow. The pink one, I can explain--the little cat from Parallel Sailor Moon was pink. The green, orange, and red ones, though? Yeah, I got nothin'. I also bought the complete Pretear series for only $20! It was a steal, I'm so happy :D

They also had some cool regular Sailor Moon merch, but nothing I wanted to clutter up my side of the bedroom with. (Although there was a rad Princess Serenity binder I would have LOVED when I was 12.)

Derek also took me to visit a pie shop. I had a red velvet cupcake and it was amazing. Then we visited a cool music store. Got a Doors DVD I've been wanting for quite some time on the cheap. We also found the complete Sapphire and Steel series for $20! That also made me happy, because Derek and I have been looking for that at a good price for ages.

Was gonna buy some socks at Honest Ed's, but we didn't find any I liked. Would have bought jeans, but Derek informed me they run very very small, and the place doesn't allow exchanges or refunds, so I decided not to risk it. We did buy some Christmas Jones Sodas, though, as well as a tree and stockings.

Then we had dinner at a little local burger place and it was delicious.

All in all, a great day!