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June 2013



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Oct. 29th, 2012

(no subject)

Apparently Stormageddon is heading straight for Toronto. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES~

Fortunately, Derek's mom warned us, and Derek got me to go to the store and stock up on canned food and bottled water. Now it's guaranteed that absolutely nothing will happen here! That's how this kind of thing works, see.

In other news, NaNo starts this week! I'm super-excited to write my story. I've got a general outline, sure, but I wonder how it'll end up!

Oct. 25th, 2012

dude what

(no subject)

Went on a wander around town today, wound up at the mall.

I saw a really pretty girl in a freaking gigantic Pikachu onesie... and stiletto heels. It was odd. Especially because of the size of that thing. It would've been big on ME, and that lady was half my size! And there she was, just browsing the racks at the Old Navy... what a sight XD Oh, Toronto!

Anyway, I also visited the Hot Topic to see if they had any cute Halloween accessories I could wear to work. Didn't find any, but I did cave and get an adorable Batgirl nightgown! (Okay, the tag says it's a "costume tank," but Jesus, it's down to my knees! I'm only wearing it for jammies.) It's super-comfy and super-cute! I'm a satisfied customer. They also had Batgirl bathrobes, but I already have a robe. Er, well, I borrow a robe of Derek's, because he seems to have several of them, and they're all mega-comfy.

I did manage to find a super-cute little witch-hat I could wear to work, though! It's mounted on a headband and has little fake feathers and a little veil with little plastic spiders on it. IT'S SO CUTE! (I found it at the dollar store, of all places.)

Dunno what I'm gonna do if I don't work on Halloween!

Oct. 19th, 2012

(no subject)

Had a dream that Kittiekattie and I teamed up to fight some kind of evil fairy. She was a Pokemon trainer and I was a Power Ranger. It was rad as hell.

In other news:

-I've rediscovered my love for Grave Times! It's going like wildfire now. Weirdly, it's been accompanied by another damn character that just kind of elbowed his way in. I've actually replaced someone with this guy. Primarily because the character he replaced was defined largely through his relationship with one character, rather than with the entire group or his relationship to the plot.

I'm sure I'll use Stephen Redding somewhere else, because he's a very interesting character... I might actually simply swap him into the story that his replacement came from in the first place!

-Derek and I have been watching Supernatural lately. Castiel is rad. I also really like Dean, but I'm not sure why, because he's an enormous creeper. XP (One of Derek's favorite lines of advice is actually a line from Dean! "You've got a GED and a give-'em-hell attitude!")

-I also really like the comedy episodes in Supernatural. I think my favorites are the one where the trickster first shows up and the rabbit's-foot episode, especially "...I lost my shoe :(", hahahahaha XD

Oct. 13th, 2012

(no subject)

I'm more-or-less over my illness now! Still have a little bit of a cough, but that's okay, it's going away little by little, too.

I have the day off. I was going to go visit the park today, but it's really cold and threatening to rain. Hope my dad remembers to send my winter clothes soon! (They're still at his house. I've been borrowing one of Derek's coats.)

So all I'm doing today is writing stuff! I've been slacking on Grave Times lately, because I've been planning my NaNo project for next month. :D I've finally found a story to put in a character I've had floating around for a long time, so I'm really happy about that. She's been buzzing around pretty much every story idea I've had for the past four years, but never *quite* fit in where I wanted her, so I got really frustrated. I held on to her anyway, because I really liked her concept, and now she's got somewhere to go! So I'm really happy about that, and it only makes me more excited about next month!

(Her name is Atiya, and she's a business-owner/designer/artist. Her fashion business actually plays a pretty big part in the plot. I love her to bits.)

The whole story is kind of about random characters I've wanted to write about for ages but never quite found a place for in my other projects. They've all wound up in this story, which seemed like a weirdly perfect place for them to go, and they all become great friends. Again, weirdly perfect. Sometimes characters just do that, I guess. "No, I don't wanna be in Grave Times! I'm gonna be BFFs with Atiya in this story instead, hope you don't mind." Writing can be weird sometimes. XD

Oct. 6th, 2012

(no subject)

bleeeeeeeeeeeeh I hate being sick @_@ And whatever it is I've got this time is fucking with my inner-ear thing, too, making me all dizzy and unbalanced and stuff. Bleh! Bleh, I say!

At least Derek is taking good care of me when he's home from work. :D

I feel bad about possibly missing work for myself today, though. @_@ The chef came in yesterday and told me to go home and go to bed, and I feel just about the same today (with the addition of little dizzy spells and pukey feelings).

Sep. 17th, 2012

(no subject)

So all my friends are talking about Monster High dolls and now I kinda want one!

Especially the mummy and the swamp-monster one. I freakin' love mummies! And the Venus Flytrap one that Kittiekattie just posted looks gorgeous!

In fact, all of them look really cool. I want them all. @_@

(icon especially fitting. THAT GORGEOUS AND AMAZING DOLL!)

Sep. 13th, 2012

(no subject)


...oh my god, I don't even LIKE the Nickelodeon/Disney teen-pop stuff, but this is kind of amazing. ("You don't have to take bullshit from people who won't stop hitting on you or harrassing you!")

I kind of want it on my ipod~

In other news:

I love Toronto!~

I got a job at a fancy restaurant. I wash dishes. Pay's good ($12 an hour), everyone there is super-nice, but the hours are lousy. I barely see Derek during the day. :( So that makes me sad. I'm looking for another place with better hours instead.

Speaking of, I love living with Derek! He's just plain the best~! ♥!

Aug. 13th, 2012

(no subject)


--My ankle wasn't broken, but it was a very nasty sprain. I tore three ligaments. It still gets sore sometimes.

--I'm moving to Canada tomorrow! Y'all don't even know how excited I am for that. I'm shacking up with Derek and it's gonna be amazing!

...that's about it.

Jun. 29th, 2012

(no subject)

Summer update:

Good news!: My coworkers are really cool people. The head chef is a cool guy (AND HE HAS A CORGI ALKDSRHDLKSHJRFASKJFS YES). Work is tedious but enjoyable. I've done fun things and apparently I've got a knack for archery.

Bad news!: On Monday, I tripped and busted up my ankle pretty bad. I haven't been to work all week and I feel really shitty about it. I simply like working, and I don't like leaving them a person short in the kitchen. D:

I've been hopping around on crutches since Tuesday, when I feel like getting up at all, because I've *also* been sick as a dog since then. It's just not my week, is it? X_X

They're not 100% sure whether it's just badly sprained or a teeny-tiny fracture. I go back on Monday for an MRI. Cross your fingers!

May. 30th, 2012

(no subject)

The flight was uneventful, fortunately! Though I got a little dizzy and sick near landing during both segments of the journey, but that happens every time I fly, so whatever. It just aggravates my inner-ear disorder. (It doesn't REALLY act up very often, but when it does, it's usually on the plane--probably because of the altitude or something, IDK. Then I get dizzy and shit.)

So right now I'm just loafing around at my stepdad's mother's house. Super-nice place! It's set pretty far back in the woods, which is always something I like. The squirrels here are also terribly amusing. There's one that's just been chilling on the porch rail staring at me for, like, fifteen-minute periods on and off all afternoon. What the fuck XD

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